Secret Things inside Free Masonry

Here are the things that we have to know about free masonry.

Free Masonry is a help to community. 

Brotherhood in the organisation is so tight that they are required to help their brothers and that they must spread brotherhood. Those who are recruiting men to join should not say that this is a religious group. It is just an organisation that extends help to the community such as volunteer activities and charity helping.

All men are required to be Good-natured.

Men who have no noble character and humble character can never join this organisation. The reason is that this organisation is formed to spread kindness and gentleness. This is why those who become member will be refined to be good and gentle men that (should) set example to all other people.

Only Believers of God are accepted.

The secret is that anyone who believes in God can join this. May it be a religion or not, the fact is that there is no specific religion that they accept. The reason set the criterion of believing in God is that they should be sharing the same belief that they should be kind, generous. Members can be expelled if their is something unpleasant act that the chairman notices.

They talk about Philosophy, not religion

Religion talks about God but this organisation does not preach. They just focus on teaching the principles of living on this earth with philosophical standards, culture and tradition, education and many other principles that people should do in order to survive.