General Perceptions About Free Masonry

Masonry is not familiar to all people. However, there are general conceptions about this institution. Most countries of the world has this kind of group. However, this group is feared and disliked by many religious organisations.

This organisation is a cult.

According to some some religious groups, this group are cult. Cult are people who worship the devil. One reason they are called like this is because they also have a symbol which symbolizes sun-worship. Another thing is that they also have rituals that they perform especially during the 17th century. People assume that they are worshiping other gods.

Masonry is a work engaging on stones

Of course, masonry is about breaking stones or anything related to stones. However, the free masonry as an organisation is a not about breaking stones. It is just the name of an organisation. A mason is a person.

Masonry will lead people to condemnation

Most people know that masons will condemn people using their religious power. The most important thing that we have to know is that the group has a good will between and among their members, not to mention about their religious rituals or anything related to spirituality.

The Catholics are against Free Masonry

In history, the Roman Catholic church condemned masonry because they are the Catholics did not like the movements that they do. The Catholics believe that they are worshiping Satan. However, the group continued to expand to the whole world. It may be perhaps they work in secret anywhere and anytime.