Freedom of Religion in Singapore

What are the different religious activity in Singapore? Actually, Singapore state has a freedom of religion base on their constitution. However, the state can ban any religion that displeases the government. For example, they have banned Jehovah’s witnesses to perform any religious activity. In any state, freedom of religion is given but should not violate the laws of the state. Religious activities are performed by different religions in the country.

Some religion can perform their activity in public for the reason that it is not prohibited.

All the churches such as Roman Catholic churches are scattered all over the country since this is the dominant Christian denomination in the country. Among so many people in the country, most of them are Roman Catholic and they are free to do everything that they want. Not only the Roman Catholic that is free but also some religion such as Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist. Each religion has small numbers of population except Roman Catholic. It is good that the state has given the freedom of religion.

By this many people can follow which religion they want to follow and that they can also do what they have to do and that they can a spiritual comfort that they have been looking for. Actually, most people want to find a church which satisfies them but if they are not free to find their own spiritual refuge, they will be very pitiful. All mankind have to exercise freedom for as long as we do not break secular laws.