Explore the Amazing Land of Singapore

Here are the amazing places that we can do in Singapore. There are so many things that we can do in Singapore. Here are the top visited place in Singapore.

Tanjong Beach

Singapore has many beaches. This beach is one of the most amazing things that we an visit in Singapore. One of the best romantic places in the city.

Bay East Gardens

Among so many gardens in the city, this garden that is located in Gardens Drive, is absolutely one of the most favorite gardens of the local and foreign tourist.

The structure of the garden is so fantastic and breath taking.

MacRitchie Reservoir

This reservoir is not just a reservoir, it is also a tourist destination that people stream to. A lot of people in the city visit this place because the view is so refreshing.

Singapore Zoo

Where we go is not only botanical gardens but also zoo. Seeing animals in real is real adventure. It is seldom that we see animals around us so enjoy going to the zoo.

Jurong Bird Park

It is called bird park because there are so many kinds of birds dwelling there. Keep distance away from birds since they can fly unto you and can peck any part of the human body.

Palau Island

This is a Granite Island and this is an archipelago that is part of the Northern part of Singapore. Palau Ubin, Tekong, Semakau,  are the most famous islands in Palau. It is not impossible to go there since there are availability of transportation.