Featuring the Freemasons in the country of Australia

The organization of Freemasonry is located all around the world. That is why if you will go to other nations you can also find the symbol of the Freemasonry as they are located everywhere. If before the group seem to be very secretive but the times are changing. Their practice before is that you have to know someone and approach him so that you could be a member. In other places and countries, they still have that practice but others are even recruiting. Today is the Australian setting.

In the infographic, you can be able to see the timeline of a quick history of the group which has a tentative start in the year of 1788. It is just a temporary start because the private meeting cannot be held as it is against the law. Only until in the year 1801 that a meeting was held aboard a ship at that time with this accounting firm in service also, check this 會計師事務所. When the year of 1904 came there are already 6 mason lodges that had been established having their own government. 

You can also see the list of the five myths about the Freemasonry in the infographic. Many say that Freemasonry is a religion because those who want to become a member should believe in God and share in the characters that should be developed by a person. Most of the prime ministers of Australia are members of the group. You can read also other facts and the state of the membership in the country of Australia. There is a decrease in members.