Welcome to DGL of Eastern Archipelago

There are many scattered Grand Lodges in the whole world. Among them is the District Grand Lodge of Eastern Archipelago. It is one of the most famous Freemasonry organisation in the whole world particularly in Eastern Asia. For example, there is a District Grand Lodge in Singapore, Malaysia and many more.

It has been expanding since the year of its establishment in during the 18th century. What is this organization about? This is actually what people know as Free Masonry. Most people can not understand what this means, but it simply mean an organisation of people who would help each other.

Members of Free Masonry are called masons and that masons are people who should be qualified as one of the members base on the standard and criteria of the organisation. Most people do not know about them because they work in secret and they do not reveal their identity as masons.

This is because they want to avoid the misconceptions that they are working for an evil purpose. Masons is a brotherhood institution that would benefit not only themselves but also the society they belong in. According to their standard, freemasonry should be of noble character, serving mind and heart and also make sure that he is a believer.

No men can become a mason unless he is a believer disregarding a specific religion he comes from, for as long as he is a believer. This is why among so many men, only men who are qualified can become one. There are so many masons scattered in most countries but they are not recognized.